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sâmbătă, 23 august 2008

AIESEC Moldova at IC oppening in Brazil

here is Moldova
the greatest delegation ever at IC, 6 people
dancing on the stage having fun, ad representing Moldova, sometimes images can tell more than words, people that know will understand the how much this video means
with love form IC

4 comentarii:

  1. And how much i wish i was there to have the pleasure of meeting the 6 best Moldovan delegates again.

    How much i wish i was there...

    Have fun my friend.
    Have fun for my part as well.

    hugs & kisses from this side of the globe.


  2. hey it's a pitty that you are not here
    just rmemebr that there are people in Moldova that rember you and care about you:)
    btw there is a surprise coming to you after IC


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