m-am mutat

pentru că acei de la google sunt nerușinați și mi-ai blocat blogul pentru mai mult de o săptămână eu m-am mutat de aici

în 3-2-1 vei fi rederecționat spre blogul nou

duminică, 27 aprilie 2008

visual emotions 3

night light

night equalizer

night beasts

time to sleep!


visual emotions 2

i can be different

no name



visual emotions

different sexes


hi tech

the number of the year

sâmbătă, 26 aprilie 2008

toata lumea are nevoie de povesti

toata lumea are nevoie de povesti...

tutror ne place sa traim intr-o lume inaginara

cand eram mici: piinea si laptele de la iepure erau mai bune pentru ca erau "ca din poveste". si normal, daca le aducea mama sau tata se stirbea din farmec, asa oricne poate sa aiba mancare din banii parintilor dar tu aveai "de la iepure"

sau mos craciun, inca o poveste... sa primesti cadouri de la mama si tata? de la sora, frate, unchi, bunel? ce KKT! nu-i interesant!:) mult mai tare cand vine mosul si-ti aduce cadouri de la polul nord

pacat ca mi-am ca mosul e o inseluciune atit de timpuriu, sau poate a fost spre bine?

buneii si parintii nostri au trait 70 de ani in poveste, povestea se numea in ussr e mai bine decat pe tot glubul pamantesc!

acum noi traim in povestea: in occident e mai bine ca la noi

ca orice poveste frumos dar cam stupid

ciprian, andrei, artiom, yulea, pavel, ana, rodica, doina, mihai,alex(randul poate continua) exemple vii ca este mai bine acolo unde sunt oameni destepti in jurul tau si cand poti sa gandesti si tu

ei nu au nici 24 de ani dar deja au reusit sa-si realizeze obiectivele, sa-si traisca visele sa fi impliniti la "o varsta frageda", desi nu o consider a fi deloc frageda... in special in cotextul faptului ca viata fara de moarte la fel este o poveste


imi placea povestea li harap alb pentru ca era viteaz si putenic

tie ce poveste iti place(a)?

over and out

miercuri, 23 aprilie 2008

just thinking

a lot of thoughts in my head...
i just find out that a guy died..he was from the same school as me, 2 years younger or maybe 3, he's reputation.. well he always tried to be from the top guys but it doesn't matter now..it doesn't matter how cool u are when u live, after your death the pain for people that loved you is the same
pain...for someone failing an exam is the pain for someone else its the pain of loosing people

one of my friends said that without people that we love we are nothing.. absolute true
imagine yourself for a day without people that you love, without people that love you!
so never become the main source of the pain!
tell them that you love them tomorrow you might not have this opportunity

what else..well
it seems that i'm gonna miss someone very important for me for a year. A YEAR
A YEAR!!! how should i feel now??
still as a song says: "pentru mine un an nu e mult"
anyways i'll be back to that theme
but there is another point that i would like to highlight now: love is not only owning it is also giving and helping people to get what they want, i support you, i really do in any decision you take

love and peace for everyone

over and out

miercuri, 16 aprilie 2008


today i'm not ok
today i feel sad
or maybe do
something is bad...
i'm not ok

i'm far from being happy
i don't want to go on
u see the light?
just turn it on
today i can't

joi, 10 aprilie 2008


don't ever expect me to be a perfection!
i never have been the 1-st..it doesn't matter what i was doing, math, geography, water polo or any other things, yes always between the achievers but never the best
that’s…. that’s some kind of a fate or i don't know...
don't you ever expect me to be the most altruistic person
i always tend to put my problems first, yes i'm trying to get better, to be more emphatic, but the reality is that i like myself better than you
don't you ever expect me to be a true man, i never had an example, i grew up without a fader so my imagination about how a mankind should be is my only direction...
don't you hope me to be the guy that is enjoying crowds or parties, moreover i think i'm starting to transform in something alike a workaholic, whom is enjoying only computer games and hates to stay more than 5 hours in a big company of people...
don't think that i can be a great leader, in fact i never have been..why? read above!
that is who i am...just never going to be better or worst

over and out

luni, 7 aprilie 2008

The non-AIESEC month on my blog: PEOPLE

The greatest added value in my life are people. Things that I learn from them, things that I see or make with them always have been the most important learning points in my life
Whenever I go my first impression is about people, my last impression is always about people
I’m glad to meet people that are better than me, because I learn from them, it is good to meet people that are worst than me cause in that case I feel that I’m not the worst person in the world:)
I know people that know how to put a price on others, to evaluate others, to give the praise they need
There are people than don’t understand the value of things they receive, they always will fuck up your plans or will destroy your dreams…
Jealousy and love, anger and the devotement, anxiety and the ability to wait for ages all are emotions of people, if there would be only machines we would not have this,
Would YOU like a world like that...not me
Even the most famous journal(after Playboy:)) is called “People”

over and out

joi, 3 aprilie 2008

The non-AIESEC month

I declare April the non-AIESEC month on my blog!
the reason?
i want to prove that nay @-er has something else in life besides AIESEC so..this month no posts about @
moreover AIESEC-ers from all over the world i invite you to join me in my action! just write a supporting comment to this post and we can start a global movement the month of April being declared the non-AIESEC blog posting month, in order to leave a comment u don't have to be logged in so just make the post:)

ok now...
today i'm going to talk about weather...
it's been over 3 day since it's cloudy and rainy in Moldova
grey clouds
no sun
a lot of mood(not very good mood:( if someone doesn't get the idea)
i don't really enjoy this kind of time for a long term:(
do u?
do u like when u come home and all your clothes are wet?
or your shoes are dirty
or u cannot see the sun for over 72 hours?
yeak! i'm a positive person but come on i need something to be positive about!
now i'm waiting for the real spring!

over and out
text © Nicolae Apostu