m-am mutat

pentru că acei de la google sunt nerușinați și mi-ai blocat blogul pentru mai mult de o săptămână eu m-am mutat de aici

în 3-2-1 vei fi rederecționat spre blogul nou

joi, 28 februarie 2008

luni, 25 februarie 2008

IPM personal impresions

the sunset

ok it's fuckinn beatiful here!!!

such a sunset..it's really amzing and it worst all the money in the world

besides there is another good news we have a CEE GN director Monica Costea...which is good for Moldova9yes i'm being very country-oriented)

what else??

well it seems that my idea about country-to-country cooperation is going now on a regional level

and that is soo cool to see that your idea-an idea of a small country is infuencing the greatest GN in the greatest youth organization

and we had the awards gala..sooooooooooo..

the best branding alignimen in the world: Serbia

the best implementation of IBX: Colombia

the bigest increase in X: China

the best country in all 3 nominations: Brazilia!!!

congragelations guys!

but i want to go home-that's the place i'm needed right now and i think, i home i will be needed

and i miss my people..


over and out

sâmbătă, 23 februarie 2008

IPM personal impresions

my homegroup
internationalism in @
@ Moldova imediately after the first vote for PAI
3 candidates for PAI positions

joi, 21 februarie 2008

IPM personal impresions

so we elected the PAI... it's Juan

a new era is going to start

i think riht now he's in the interviews with the AI candidates

what eles??

well it's my birthday today:D

it's cool when people from all around the world are singing a happy birthday to u:)

and also i received a lot of congrads from home..oh i miss home

my mother, ana, my team

but in the same time i have less than a week here and yet so much to learn and to do

what else??

got to go now for the assesment

P.S. weaw tnx 4 the t-shirt

over and out

miercuri, 20 februarie 2008

IPM personal impresionis

so i have been talking about new rends in MCP world the MCP world this year

the first one is a lot of international MCP's.. meaning that lots of people that are not native in a certain country are leading @ right now in that country and it is directly related to the process of globalization and interconnection between nationalities

the second is that there are lots of young MCP's in both terms of age and life spending in @, i've seen some MCP's that are 20 years old, or some that have only 9 months of @ XP, and the percentage is really high, about 40% of the elect MCP's are in this group of "young MCP's"

and the 3-rd feature is that there are 4 MCP's called david:)))))

now what happened else in 1,5 day since i've been writing here last time>?
well we had started the PAI run and today we'll have them elected
also the directors had their speeches and...
more than ever i feel here how small is the world and how we can have a DIRECT impact on the GLOBAL level, that is not just fluffy talking, i know how o do that now!just give me a point to start

over and out

IPM 2008 personal perspective

second day ..it was the global village

quite funny that it was hapining

outside(i was cold imagine the guys from africa!!!)

but it was great really great with a lot of people from skopje coming to our stands and asking about our countries, asking about moldova..

but there was anoher great thing that happened in that day: AIESEC Moldova was anounced to be a full member

quite funny and unexpected..the AI representative approached me give me a document an said that i have to analyse it because moldova is going to vote..that's it...i was happy, petriied, amazed, everithig

the best gift for my birthday

i also had the chase to visit the city and to see it's multicultural beauty

in the end day 3..just as a continuation of amazing things...

it is a great succes for everybody that worked on this for 3 years congragelations back home

congragelations from AI

congragelations from gabitza

congragelations from and for ourselfs:)

and there are some modern trends in MCP stuff this year but this is another sotry

over and out

duminică, 17 februarie 2008

notite de ipm 1

am luat ruta spre skopje la 6.00 diineata

cee ce ar insemna ca m-am trezit la 4.00

luarea de ramas bun de la ana si mama




mincare foarte nice

in 1,5 oe\re sunt in budapesta

asta da aeoport..cafenele..curatenie f frumos

dar ore oricum au fos obositoare

am luat rua spre macedonia..mah ce kkt de mincare dau astea in avion..un sadwish si ait asta se cheama amieaza

ajuns n scopje m-am ciocnit cu un alt impedimet..nu am viza iar tanti la vama nici idee nu are ca trebuie sa mi-o dea..

pina verifica ea acele am fost silit sa sta in un cults c un tip f galagios.stai si intelegi ca de tine nimic nu depinde, ca niste timpi acumpot sa te intoarca inaopoi acasa si ai raps fara IPM

intr-un sfirsit sunt chemat

dut-te si plateste dar nu 20 euro precum era preconizat ci 35..neh sa-mi ziceti si 50 ca-i dau acum numai sa intru

din aeroport deodata in preemeing iar acolo..

asta deja este povestea unui al 2-lea post mai asez oate prin cap si revin

over and out 4 today

sâmbătă, 9 februarie 2008

miercuri, 6 februarie 2008

hard decision

today was a hard day..i knew it would be
i had to take a decision...and it was more for me that for anyone else..
a had to choose in between friendship and professionalism.
i decided to go for professionalism
and once again it wasn't for anyone or anything it was only for me..
a told inga what will be my vote before i did it on the paper.. and she did the same thing
YES for retiring a full member status for a person that started to be an @ in the same day with me..
ironic isn't it??
i am MCP
someone failed to candidate because of a CV...
someone looses his rights after 2 years of work...
and we were recruited in the same day
and all these things are part of a single chain: we do our best for the organization, for values that we create and we believe in
still the mistakes are not done today but in the past
a wrong decision taken a year ago created a lot of dust today...
a wrong decision made in September destroyed the dreams of one of my friends...
i take the blame and once again not for anyone just for me and my values
the values i create and i believe in, values that make our society better

over and out

vineri, 1 februarie 2008

dezamagire totala:(or for whom the opportunities in @ are made?

one of my friends posted a status that was asking for whom the opportunities are made?
it made me wonder...
really for whom we are making the opportunities if there are no people willing to take them
this is the cruel reality around the world
i know a bunch of MCP's that are looking to complete their MC teams..and that is happening in a organization in which we are creating leaders, disappointing really
on one hand there are people, great people that won't have the chance to give their best in the upcoming year because they failed the election, on the other hand there are uncovered positions
so once again for whom do we create opportunities in @?
in is not a simple process of selection, it's a chance to develop yourself, a chance that is not taken....all around the globe
which is the reason? fear?, the feeling that it doesn't fit you?, the feeling that you are not prepared?, all bullshit
life is giving you the opportunity you just have to grab it and in the end you'll see where it will bring you
never thin about an opportunity as a potential failure
always connect it with success

dedicated to those that knew to take their chance

over and out
text © Nicolae Apostu