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joi, 4 septembrie 2008

Brazil trip(IC) overview

i left Moldova on 16-th with a feeling that when i'll come back i will not be the same, not only because we will be separated(i mean me and ana) for a year, or because it will be the first time when i will not be heading each morning to studies, or because i will be back from the biggest conference of the year
it was something else, maybe all the elements assembled into one, maybe the knowledge that there will be only the smaller part of the term, or the expectation of something new, unexpected to arise, don't really know..

the trip was long and difficult, but i think it contributed a lot to the building of a great team that our delegation was in the end at IC

the conference..well the premeeting was full of CEE stuff, meetings, processes and decision, the first 3 days of the conference for me were a non-sense, maybe i'm not old enough to understand, in the rest i was good: first partnerships, huge network and fun:)

Brazil... hm i think i was expecting for pretty much what i've seen, except for maybe several specific things

what i will remember the most is the ocean and the trip to it. i think i had so much positive emotions in that day that i could charge a whole city:)

people... i'm grateful to you guys (olea, yu, alex, sergiu, iulian) for the courage and the integrity you demonstrated, without you it would be much harder.

me again, i'm still trying to find myself, almost there, just need some more sleep i think and a last jump to be made

over and out

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