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luni, 15 septembrie 2008

6 months left

it has been the 5th trainers preparation conference that i am facilitating

a conference in which I understood several stuff

first: I’m getting old for AIESEC in Moldova and it's time to move on, and it is not a desperate affirmation like last year, no. Now I know what I want to do next, i know how this organization contributed to my development and how I’m gonna bring to the organization latter. I’m proud to see that something that I started last year seems to be a good idea and I hope that the trend of trainers development in Moldova will continue
also I understood that AIESEC is very much about friendship, and those of you that say and think that it is not true…well screw you! If you’ll ask over 90% of MCP’s and AI members will tell you that in top 5 AIESEC most important things there is the friendship. Do you want to mess with the global plenary, I wouldn’t. In the end it is not about professionalism cz we cannot say that we are extremely professional at 21-23 years, it is not about goals and results because they are set each year and we are achieving them for one year and in the end not the numbers will be remembered, but the amount of moments in which we were laughing at 3 in the morning or were trying to put things right in the same time supporting each other.
several congratulations: to Pavel for the first Conference Management, to Alina for entering the club of people that had their birthday in a conference, to Iulian for being a faci in only 6 months of training career. 

second: while getting old you start to understand the value of small things, I haven’t been writing sugar cubes for a year and a half, so I’m happy that I started doing that again. 

last: growth is not only quantity it is also quality

over and out

7 comentarii:

  1. happy that u started to write sugarcubes again :)

  2. o conferinta ca inca 4 zile de vacanta, iar eu iubesc vacanta!!!:)

  3. true...unica problema era in fpatul ca cineva imi pare ca a avut mult de citit dupa:)

  4. he-he..asta m-a facut si mai mult sa pretuiesc mini-vacanta:)

  5. my sugarcube then??
    mine mine mine mine mine??

    Thx for the msg, i have not met with Suchith yet though. Surely i will hunt it down.
    Thanks dear.

    miss ya,
    Stay fresh,
    Weaw J.


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