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duminică, 28 septembrie 2008

Autumn... no time to sleep

Autumn no time to sleep
I still wonder why people get to be slower, more depressed and less concentrated when autumn comes? What happens? They grey clouds are stopping your performance, what are you on some kind of sun batteries? Or the nostalgia for summer fun is building a nest in your soul and it starts to be heavier?
Who said that autumn is time for resting, no! Autumn is only 4 months left to the New Year the moment when we will look back on the last year and will say: “Dam! maybe next one will be better?”. But why it happens each year to us? Why not making a bit of extra effort and achieve what we promised to our self on the 1st of January? Anyone? Somebody? Why? No reason! I knew that.
So just let’s make it happen.

over and out

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  1. for me autumn is time for changes and becoming mature :)

    but if to answer why people are less concentrated and bla. well, yeah. its all about nature i think. but again. if life is grey, color it. if its cold, warm it ;-)

  2. ya
    if someone is sleeping than let's kick some asses to wake them up:).

  3. si totusi este greu sa nu te solidarizezi cu tot universu' care ti se pare ca intra in starea de "toamna"...interesant este ca atunci cand nu prea aveam ce face, observam timpul de afara si ma lasam influentata de el...acum imi influenteaza numai modul in care ma imbrac, dar si asta numai cand am timp sa ma intorc si sa iau ceva mai caldut:D

  4. ei lasa ca slava Domnului s-a mai incalzit ca eu credeam ca gata e noiebrie
    de timp..
    eu am o fraza pe care o folosesc ca motto in viata:"Life is what YOU make of it" si atunci nu prea imi pasa de timp:)
    desi uneori este nevoie sa te oresti si sa dormi o zi si nu conteaza ce se va intimpla:) altfel ajungi rau
    o zic ca un om cu esxperienta

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