m-am mutat

pentru că acei de la google sunt nerușinați și mi-ai blocat blogul pentru mai mult de o săptămână eu m-am mutat de aici

în 3-2-1 vei fi rederecționat spre blogul nou

luni, 25 februarie 2008

IPM personal impresions

the sunset

ok it's fuckinn beatiful here!!!

such a sunset..it's really amzing and it worst all the money in the world

besides there is another good news we have a CEE GN director Monica Costea...which is good for Moldova9yes i'm being very country-oriented)

what else??

well it seems that my idea about country-to-country cooperation is going now on a regional level

and that is soo cool to see that your idea-an idea of a small country is infuencing the greatest GN in the greatest youth organization

and we had the awards gala..sooooooooooo..

the best branding alignimen in the world: Serbia

the best implementation of IBX: Colombia

the bigest increase in X: China

the best country in all 3 nominations: Brazilia!!!

congragelations guys!

but i want to go home-that's the place i'm needed right now and i think, i home i will be needed

and i miss my people..


over and out

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