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miercuri, 20 februarie 2008

IPM 2008 personal perspective

second day ..it was the global village

quite funny that it was hapining

outside(i was cold imagine the guys from africa!!!)

but it was great really great with a lot of people from skopje coming to our stands and asking about our countries, asking about moldova..

but there was anoher great thing that happened in that day: AIESEC Moldova was anounced to be a full member

quite funny and unexpected..the AI representative approached me give me a document an said that i have to analyse it because moldova is going to vote..that's it...i was happy, petriied, amazed, everithig

the best gift for my birthday

i also had the chase to visit the city and to see it's multicultural beauty

in the end day 3..just as a continuation of amazing things...

it is a great succes for everybody that worked on this for 3 years congragelations back home

congragelations from AI

congragelations from gabitza

congragelations from and for ourselfs:)

and there are some modern trends in MCP stuff this year but this is another sotry

over and out

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  1. woo hooo...

    Big Congratulations!!
    So happy that now @ MD is full member.
    I am so glad.
    So proud.
    So excited.

    Great to see you enjoy in the legislation!



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