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miercuri, 20 februarie 2008

IPM personal impresionis

so i have been talking about new rends in MCP world the MCP world this year

the first one is a lot of international MCP's.. meaning that lots of people that are not native in a certain country are leading @ right now in that country and it is directly related to the process of globalization and interconnection between nationalities

the second is that there are lots of young MCP's in both terms of age and life spending in @, i've seen some MCP's that are 20 years old, or some that have only 9 months of @ XP, and the percentage is really high, about 40% of the elect MCP's are in this group of "young MCP's"

and the 3-rd feature is that there are 4 MCP's called david:)))))

now what happened else in 1,5 day since i've been writing here last time>?
well we had started the PAI run and today we'll have them elected
also the directors had their speeches and...
more than ever i feel here how small is the world and how we can have a DIRECT impact on the GLOBAL level, that is not just fluffy talking, i know how o do that now!just give me a point to start

over and out

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  1. Uraaaaa!!!
    Greets for AIESEC Moldova!
    I feel prouder than ever to be part of the team!
    Keep on mooving and go ahead for new achievments!!!


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