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duminică, 30 noiembrie 2008

My MTC...

that was the last "first" thing in AIESEC Moldova
so how was it for me?
fun, reflecting and difficult

difficult because i was sleeping less than 7 hours per night in last 3 weeks, difficult because i broke a finger on my left leg on the opening plenary and it was hurting all the time, difficult because i had to make a lot of decisions, to put values against needs and didn't know a lot of time how to go next

reflecting because it was the conference in which i passed the greatest amount of time with myself even if being with them...

fun because i managed to implement with the support of my team all the ideas

general conclusions:
1. sometimes if something seems to be wrong you have to do it in order to see how wrong it is
2. good friends are forever
3. a great vision is much more important than 10000 of plan B

over and out

4 comentarii:

  1. Now.. please tell to other people, those who do not know, what is MTC all about?

  2. happy 4 ya all....
    not happy 4 u'r finger :(

  3. MTC is Moldova Training Conference
    a conference designed to offer leadership and general AIESEC information along with functional area preparations, also we were busting the global understanding of our members by organising a sustainability day run totally by companies


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