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luni, 3 noiembrie 2008

AIESEC Iasi is 15, great teenager!:)

This weekend i was invited with one of my friends in AIESEC and outside AIESEC (Pavel) to give a speech on the celebration of 15 years of AIESEC Iasi(yep it is a part of the JD when you are a MCP-giving speeches). The fact is that AIESEC Iasi was supporting us a lot in the beginning of building AIESEC in Moldova, hence it was a good moment to say thank you officially, and in the same time show that we are not small kids any more and we can care of ourselves being partners and not coachees.
In the end for me it was a great weekend and 2 days off. Although i didn't sleep more than 8 hours in 2,5 days was a great time to rest. Being again among people that were role models for me(Miha, Cipi, Alex, Darius etc. etc.), when the 1st year student Nicolae Apostu entered AIESEC, talking to them and remembering probably the craziest period of my life in organization when i didn't care about being a model :). In the end, AIESEC remains to be an organization of people in first place. All the performance is forgotten and all you remember is the emotions that someone was sharing with you every day.
P.S. Iasi has lots of great historical places. Dare and visit them

over and out

4 comentarii:

  1. oficial, IMI CER SCUZE. am corectat. si precum am spus in post:

    La dezvoltarea AIESEC MOLDOVA au contribuit multi oameni talentati care merita mult mai multe laude.

    Salutari Moldovei de la Iasi si keep up the good work >:D<

  2. da nu era nevoie de scuze oficiale:P

  3. Been there and done that!
    I took your dare!
    And hopefully to take it again!
    Iasi is great.
    AIESEC there is filled with energy!

    Glad that you have good time there.


  4. oh dear u have more dare's tha anyone i know
    stay fresh!and take care!


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