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miercuri, 23 iulie 2008

A letter that i received lately, just decided to post it, hope it's ok with Roma..

Here goes a letter that i received lately from one of my frieds i post the text without any changes:
"Dear Sir / Madam / Miss,

My name is Roman Mardari and I am student from Republic of Moldova. I am writing you this letter cause I was the victim of an internet fraud and I would appreciate if you could help me in someway. If you can't help me, I would appreciate if you could send this mail with attachments (details about the company and all our conversation) to all your contacts so no one could be the victim of that kind of internet fraud.

This is a true story and to guaranty that this is not a spam you can find attached my copy of my passport.

I never thought that I could be so stupid to get into such trouble, but I did and I would like to share my experience so that you could avoid such situations.

I received a mail from qballot@gmail.com saying in Romanian that I won in a lottery called "El Qiunigol" (a Spanish lottery). In the message box wasn't written many details about the prize, but there was suggesting contacting my personal agent that I could find all details in the attachment below (you can find it attached "(A) El Quinigol"). The letter was saying that my mail was selected automatically by their lottery and it fixed with the number of the ticket that is a winning one… (more details you can see in the attachment). In the letter was said that I should send the application form completed and a copy of my passport. I did all of this and after that I received a message confirming the prize in my name… it was so real… that I was like hypnotized…, even if I tried to check a lot of information… I called them a lot times… and it looked so real…. But in the end, so that I could get my prize I should pay for the services an amount of sum… I did… and I lost it… now I realized that all those mails were fake, but I just …. I don't know… maybe I was denying such a perfect moment of happiness to be fake… or not knowing, not realizing what could the consequences of those "happy moments". The company from Spain "Direct Seguros" was like an intermediary between the lottery and the bank Ruralcaja, which should been made the transfer of the prize. Laura Lopez, from Direct Seguros was "my personal agent"; Miguel Gomez, from Ruralcaja bank was the contact person with which I spoke all the time concerning all the steps that I should take in order to get my prize…. Please avoid all those names, companies or if you can go to police and tell the situation. All details about those persons you can find in our conversation mail (attached), phone, addresses the bank account from Barcelona and so one.

I feel the most stupid person in the world, but I am not going to hide this moment cause I would like that others not to get in the same situations…

I appreciate very much if you red this letter and I would be grateful if you could share it with others in order to avoid such moments.

and as mylene farmer said… "fuck them all"



P.S. Please excuse my bad expressions."

sometimes life trows strange things take care!
over and out

2 comentarii:

  1. stii ca intradevar este o prostie am ajuns si eu la aceasta si nu vreau sa le treansmit banii ca cred ca este o amageala! scrie te rog pe krasafcik123@yahoo.com (iulik)

  2. Locuiesc de 20 de ani in Danemarca si am auzit de multi oameni pacaliti cu premii fake..Azi am primit prin posta ,(aici in Danemarca!!) o scrisoare din Spania - in limba romana ,prin care sant instiintata ca am un tiket norocos prin loteria EL QUINIGOL ,si am castigat 93.015,45 milioane EURO. HELLO!!! nici nu m-am uitat la suma de bani pana acum cand skriu, dar imediat am "mirosit" pacalela ...Skrisoarea are un formular in care se va da multe date ...suficient sa le fac un cadou.Dar ,nu prinde .E prea vechi trik-ul asta.Sper ca multi sa nu creada in castiguri peste noapte ,asa venite din aer..Atentie tuturor! Cine primeste asa ceva ,trebuie sa intre pe orice motor de cautare si sa verifice autenticitatea premiului.


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