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marți, 29 iulie 2008

Another AIESEC conference...

Well i think at some point AIESEC conferences stop being emotional and inspiring and start bringing calculated steps, group dynamics measurement and a lot of work in... well the enjoyment part is still there but i think i bit less comparing to the professional side
Last week i have been to another(already over 20) conference. It was the LPM of AIESEC Chisinau where i was like the MC responsible...
It was different, first of all making fun with the chair of the EB, 7 guys considered role models were just friends or even learners for us (it's good to be a learner!), making them stay on one bed
all the LC EB on one bed:)(there are 2 others in the room)

or trying to go over their horizons, and sometimes, i believe challenging their patience. But it turned to be that it is a GREAT team, i'm really proud to see their growth, especially tacking into account the fact that i recruited all of them:)
Another point the delegates, young, finding for the first time what is GCM or NFA, being disappointed that they cannot understand what is that(so funny every generation all again the same). Special guests from Turkey and France, and of course a crazy LMS run in parallel in over the wall conference room by AIESEC Iasi it completed the diversity of this LPM
OC...hm just one word: Brilliant:) (tnx Polina, Cristina, Gleb and Ina)

But it wouldn't be enough to write about this conference if that would be it... i mean as i sayd it was more of a professional approach and "been there done that" than anything else, except for the fact that we have been EVACUATED by the government in the last day, before creating the year plan, before making the vision, before finishing the plan of projects:)
Now THAT was different..imagine yourself tacking the decision that we have to go in the middle of project planning, i thought the LCP will kill us(me and the Chair), but it was better for the safety cz in 17 hours the whole place was a part of the river
so we have finished the conference in the LC office,
so I'm pretty sure now when someone will say LPM 2008 Chisinau everybody will remember that, really the best local conference as for me!

over and out

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