m-am mutat

pentru că acei de la google sunt nerușinați și mi-ai blocat blogul pentru mai mult de o săptămână eu m-am mutat de aici

în 3-2-1 vei fi rederecționat spre blogul nou

joi, 3 aprilie 2008

The non-AIESEC month

I declare April the non-AIESEC month on my blog!
the reason?
i want to prove that nay @-er has something else in life besides AIESEC so..this month no posts about @
moreover AIESEC-ers from all over the world i invite you to join me in my action! just write a supporting comment to this post and we can start a global movement the month of April being declared the non-AIESEC blog posting month, in order to leave a comment u don't have to be logged in so just make the post:)

ok now...
today i'm going to talk about weather...
it's been over 3 day since it's cloudy and rainy in Moldova
grey clouds
no sun
a lot of mood(not very good mood:( if someone doesn't get the idea)
i don't really enjoy this kind of time for a long term:(
do u?
do u like when u come home and all your clothes are wet?
or your shoes are dirty
or u cannot see the sun for over 72 hours?
yeak! i'm a positive person but come on i need something to be positive about!
now i'm waiting for the real spring!

over and out

3 comentarii:

  1. SECURITY CENTER: See Please Here

  2. in Germania ai o variatie mai mare de vreme zilnic: ploaie, ninsoare, furtuna sau toate la un loc. Iti dai seama cite posturi non aiesec se pot scrie aici :P

  3. pai stai!!!
    ca nu am sa ma limitez doar laposturi despre timp..asta a fost asa...de incalzire:)


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