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joi, 26 martie 2009

Not an MCP...

in several days my term is going to end...
i have been the first MCP(well first officially recognised as MCP) of AIESEC in Moldova and my term last for 1 year 1 month and 1 day...from march 1st 2008 to April 2nd 2009. it was GREAT! visiting Macedonia, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine and soon Czech Republic. all due to the fact that my name was associated with these 3 letters. i've been in all 3 international congresses this year(IPM ITC and IC-there is only one person that did the same-AI VPTM Sophie Lamprou).
meeting great people, celebrating two birthdays in a row far from home, but having people from over 100 countries singing my birth day song. GREAT
but my experience was very much about my team. OUR TEAM. THE FIRST MC OF AIESEC IN MOLDOVA. amazing personalities with great impact. people that i've learned a lot from
Artiom taught me to be always smart
Shurik-how to have the continous motivation
Yu-ho to finish all my things even if i don't want to..
Pavel-how to put a price on friendship
Olea-how to find positive aspects in everything
Mihai taught me how to find time when it is really needed
Dima-how to keep my head cool in difficult situations
Ana simply taught me how to build a lot from nothing and how to be myself
i've started it 3,5 years ago, at my first LC in a autumn and i'm supposed to finish it this spring. but i will not, i think

over and out

4 comentarii:

  1. I think we have all learned more from you than you did from us.
    I think you will not be only the 1st official MCP but the most amazing MCP ever.

  2. i hope the best MCP is still to come

  3. that is what we all hope for.
    still as they said the best is yet to come.

    Glad to know that you got the blast time learning there.

    Welcome to the life after MCP, nicu!!

    miss u loaded!


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