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pentru că acei de la google sunt nerușinați și mi-ai blocat blogul pentru mai mult de o săptămână eu m-am mutat de aici

în 3-2-1 vei fi rederecționat spre blogul nou

duminică, 21 decembrie 2008

Inca un obiectiv or Another life channging XP

AIESEC Balti has a EB now

after almost 2 years of building i'm finally sure that we are going on the right path

big thanks to people that contributed to this: Eugen, my MC, previous EB, Jonathan, and the generations that were up till now in Balti

13-14 of december was the weekend of election

4 brave persons: Iurii, Cristina, Sveta and Cristina (this recruitment was full of Cristina's in both cities) are now the leadership body of AIESEC in Balti, let's see what performance they can bring

next direction Tiraspol

over and out

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