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miercuri, 14 mai 2008


Great Conference!
I don't know how many of those that were there will read this post but is was great!
A FACI team full of extraordinary, often contradictory personalities
A CC that was doing it's best to avoid problems
And wonderful, great, smart delegates.

What can I say about every of all those 3 parts of the conference?


uff only now when I'm back to Moldova i understand how much i miss you guys!
the random(but smart) jokes of ours, the night preparations for the sessions and all goods and bads we've been
I could write a 20 pages message to every of you guys but it's just not enough...
thank you for making my conference, for mayonnaise, for liquid everywhere, for help and support

Juraj-for being so special
Kevin-for sharing
Betty-for being there for us
Eugen-for bringing back memories
Dorota-for shoving me the other side of the reality
Daz-for dances
Ina-for experience
Sophie-for being yourself
Anula-for laugh
Hana-for music


i know it's been hard for you, but i think in the end you've done a great job!!!
you have had a great CCP and the level of your support was really important to the FACI team


gm... this conference could not exist without you!
and special thanks to my home group
for being the most mature and integer in the end

over and out about ITC for today

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