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duminică, 12 august 2007

TtT-before and after...


I remember myself a year ago: a fresh trainer just from the TtT, i was feeling like the whole world spins around me, the feeling was great!!!I even was thinking that all my goals for this year were attained, a great feeling:-).I've meet a lot of new, interesting and a my girlfriend likes to say, colored people.In the same time i was wondering if someday it would be possible offer someone the same gift as it was offered for me?And so a dream appeared


My main goal was to become a VPPD. I've missed this opportunity just because couldn't come to the elections.So i became a Trainers Team Coordinator.My dream was still there, but now it gained new features:the opportunity to promote my country for the whole world(well at least for 5 other countries) and so a DREAM became a GOAL.

I've contacted Irina the NTTC of Romania, and she liked the idea and offered me her support. And so the GOAL became a process..


I've passed the flame.And so I'm a conference manager, a TtT conference manger, an international conference manager, first Moldavian international conference.I feel like the whole world spins around me and i wonder if it is possible that this TtT would become an each year event.Maybe a new dream?

Thank YOU...

Irina for letting me be the happiest Conference Manager in the world
Oana for not going to the functional meeting in order to be at this TtT, and for being there for all of us
Inga for her strong desire to give everything she has for this conference
Tanea for her help and support as a president and faci

Artiom for being the person that i can trust 100%
Iulea for the ability to do all the important things without focusing all the attention on herself
Olga for being always enthusiastic about everything she does

My home group for being the best home group ever!

The delegates for the desire to learn and for your crazy-shiny-smart behaviour.Thank you for being active learners.

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  1. You thanked a lot of people and i liked that because i don't see many grateful persons around me... most of them just take everything for granted!
    I'm not one of them, so that's why I felt the need to THANK YOU!!! Thank YOU for being my inspiration, thank YOU for taking my existance into account, thank YOU for paying attention to me, thank YOU for smiling, thank YOU for the enthusiasm you shown, but, mostly, thank YOU for DREAMING!!! Because of your dream, of your desire and your honest beliefs i had my dream come true!
    When I missed the Constanta TtT I felt such an anger! I hated the whole LC, the whole @ idea, friends of mine, everything... but then I opened my eyes, saw what i gained and made peace with everything around me except my soul who still wished so badley for a TtT experience... I'm sure that if I would've participated at the Ct TtT it wouldn't have been so great! It wouldn't have been so true, it wouldn't have been so sincere, it wouldn't have been so close to my heart!
    You know? (to go to a more personal level right now) It's been a long time since I actually lived an experience at this level. It's been a long time since I put soul 100% into what I did! But each one you gave that back to me, and I thank you for that too! I miss you guys! I miss you like hell! I don't really like happy endings because I'm always sad when they come! I think this one is going to be my best experience in a long time from now on... I miss the atmosphere, I miss the people, I miss everything about those 4 days!
    And in the end, I promisse to dream... because maybe, my dreams will come true too...
    And, again, THANK YOU for being my inspiration! May you have the greatest life ever and may all your dreams come true!


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