m-am mutat

pentru că acei de la google sunt nerușinați și mi-ai blocat blogul pentru mai mult de o săptămână eu m-am mutat de aici

în 3-2-1 vei fi rederecționat spre blogul nou

duminică, 8 iulie 2007

not places but people

i was just thinking..it's true that not places but people counts

we were on a some kind of holiday..me and my friends from AIESEC
fireworks, concert and a lot of other stuff were promised..to be honest it sucked..
the fireworks were not as beautiful as promised..and the concert..well i think there was not any concert:)
we played the mime the whole evening...:))in the middle of the crowd 10 crazy persons, one trying to mime something(the clitoris, the integrity, the metamorphose etc. etc.) 4 trying desperately to guess what is that and 5 others lathing..and all over again..
in the end 3 km by foot to get home..it was midnight... again fun

life is what u make of it:-)

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