m-am mutat

pentru că acei de la google sunt nerușinați și mi-ai blocat blogul pentru mai mult de o săptămână eu m-am mutat de aici

în 3-2-1 vei fi rederecționat spre blogul nou

luni, 7 mai 2007

why does everybody leave(or Md vs US-no war just..no people)

why does everybody leave is it better out here??

we are the best generation ewe are supposed to rebuild this somewhere fuckin' somewhere dirty and fake country but OUR country

still my friend live, my sist left, it's going to be a pretty fucked up summer cause...in Md only the parents remain...it's strange a couple of years ago it was a country of kids with no parents..now...it's vice versa

or....maybe i'm wrong, maybe it's me who see everything in wrong colour an maybe this country really must be lived to idiots and biches

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